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To run a successful business, you require a well-thought and well-organized workspace. We collaborate with our architects, manufacturers, and builders to ensure that the architectural aspects and physical structures sync with your brand and business objectives. As a result, B&N Design can help you transform your café, hotel, or restaurant into a luxurious but efficient space.

We are one of Malaysia's reputed restaurant interior design and hotel interior design contractors. We provide interior design services for various dining establishments, from fast food to fine dining. When it comes to cafe and restaurant interior design, our team of experts is among one of the best restaurant decor companies in Malaysia.

We develop hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality infrastructures to enhance the visitor experience while keeping your core business needs as one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and competent teams of specialists.

It doesn't matter how big, or small your space is; our goal is to showcase your brand and products to their full potential while connecting you with your target audience.

Why are we the best?

Hospitality and tourist services include food and accommodation, entertainment, and event planning. Hospitality interior design has hotels, cafés, bars, restaurants, lounges, spas, fitness clubs, theatres, and pools. Design factors include concept, space, theme, planning, utility, human interaction, and overall environment congruency.

Project design demands greater hotel interior design companies coordination, skill, and detail due to its variety and complexity. This requires a robust project system and an experienced project manager to focus on scope, finances, and the activity chain.

By adhering to comprehensive and simple design philosophy, B&N Design tries to guarantee that our customers get exceptional design and outstanding customer service.

Our ability to successfully implement and maintain projects that match the client's goals and budget sets us apart from our competitors. Every stage of the process, starting from concept to implementation, is methodically planned to ensure that your vision is flawlessly realized. Our restaurant and hotel interior designers have a wealth of knowledge in the hotel market. B&N Design is Malaysia's one of the premier hospitality interior design companies, and we'll help you create practical and pleasant places that properly reflect your brand's personality.

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How does B&N Design work?

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B&N Design is one of the leading restaurant decor companies begins with solid communication and understanding of project needs and designs. We choose an experienced staff based on project size. When we start working on a hotel interior design or restaurant interior design Malaysia, the following are the details we consider.

Keen analysis:

Our hotel customers may communicate with our appointed project leader to simplify the process. Our team of hotel interior designers does detailed analysis and feasibility studies with design parameters depending on the desired timetable.

Interior design details:

We are one of the experienced restaurant design companies that give a few idea options duringdesign after selecting the primary topic. We sometimes did a scaled-down layout. This may contain the 3D design and model for idea visualization.


During development, we focus on implementation success criteria and risk matrix. After identifying the crucial route, we agree with our customers on the final timeframe.

Interior Design and Build

Final execution:

We've worked with ready teams of contractors and have a pool of backup providers to minimize risk. Any variation orders are also handled accordingly.

Following are the hospitality interior design services B&N Design provides:

  1. Strategy/concept
  2. Interior Architecture
  3. OSP & Schematic
  4. Drawings
  5. Custom furniture, lighting, accessories
  6. Landscaping Works Consulting, Art & Sculpture

Our dedicated and hard-working staff strives for excellence in hotel branding, cultural setting, and operational efficiency developments. The idea must match the design vision through specifications, prototyping, verification, and timely implementation. Our customers may pick from various hotel interior design and restaurant interior design services. Contact us if you require a dependable project hotel interior designers team or a hotel interior design project in Malaysia.